How to start an eyelash business?

15 November, 2020
Dear friends,
When you click this article, you must be excited in start your own lashes brand. In the beginning of your business, you need to figure out which steps you have to go. 

1. 【Brand】Think about your brand name and create your brand logo.

2. 【Vendor】Find a reliable vendor is the most neccessary thing. A good vendor can garentee your product quality and turn around time. Some people just focus on the price, but you should know that price is important but not most important. For the long-cooperation between you and your vendor, it is suggest to communicate more details before place order and test smaple if neccessary.

3. 【Package】When finally you decide to place your first formal order, you are suppost to tell all your requirement to your vendor, if your vendor is professional, they can make a perfect design renderings of box with logo even exceed your expectations.

4. 【Payment part】 usually most of international vendor accept PayPal. If you don't have PayPal, some of vendor accept Western Union either. After you pay, you need to wait for shipping, the production cycle depends on your vendor's efficiency and the quantity of your order, usually within 3 weeks. 

5. 【Ads & Sale】is what you need to prepare. During these weeks, you can prepare to promote your product online or offline. Release information in social media, create promotion activity, attract the attention of your customers, you are really good at it.

6. Finally you receive the goods, then you could start to sell. Wish you good luck and successful!