How to start your own eyelash brand packaging!

16 November, 2020
Dear friends,
When you decide to start your lashes business, one of the most important thing is package. So how to make great lashes customized package?

1. First, you need to creat your brand name, and your logo design. 

2. Most of vendors they do minimum order quantity (MOQ) of customize package is 100 boxes, so you need to figure out your budget, and quantity plan.

3. There are many package options even over 100 styles, you may choose your favourite box style, and communicate what result do you want. Usually some part of one package option can be changed, like color, size, etc.

4. Send the source file of your logo to your vendor. About logo, it is suggest to be very clear with transparent background. About the source file, it is suggest to be PDF/PNG/JPG.

5. After effective communication and confirmation, your vendor will give back a professional Production design drawing to you . In this drawing, you can see the logo location, box size&color, and all details of package. It is suggest to confirm carefully.

6. Finally you may place your customized order then wait for shipping. 

Wish you a good start!