How to choose your favourite lashes package?

18 November, 2020

When you decide to start your lashes business, a neccessary step is choosing customized package of your brand. But there are too many package options in market, even over thousands styles. So how to make your favourite choose? All in all, there are some classification of box styles in market as follows.

1. Box without window, regular size.

This kind of box is one of the most common package type, which advantage is the whole front side of the box can show your logo well, and can print the logo even as big as the box if you want. 

2. Box with window, regular size. 
This is one of the most common package type either. Obviously, the advantage is that it can show the lashes in the box clearly. Also because of the window, your logo can’t be printed very big on the front side of the box.
3. Drawer box. 
4. Double door box. 
Most of double door box looks luxurious, but usually more charge.  
5. Big size box. 
This kind of box which size is bigger than regular box, can put in lashes over 1 pair, or some tool set. But it is heavier than regular box, more weight means more shipping cost. 
6. Special shaped box. (Diamond/heart/round/square/etc)
So these are all common lashes package type in market. 
Besides, any details of package can be customized, like pattern, box size, color, logo location, contact information, material, etc. If you have any ideas please contact us and we will help you to make your ideas come true. 
Wish you a prosperous business!