How to choose suitable false eyelashes? - Section One

19 November, 2020
When you choose false eyelashes styles, maybe sometime you are a little confused, there are millions of lashes styles in market, how to get your favorite and suitable lashes styles? Professional make up artist will tell you, what are the rough classifications of false eyelashes shapes.

1. Volume.
Volume is like a opened folding fan. The wider the fan opens, the greater the angle. 

Similarly, the greater volume of lashes, the greater the angle. 
Big volume is one of the reasons that false eyelashes can enlarge eyes.

2. Lash Shape.
The shapes of eyelashes are round and flare.

[Round Shape]
The length of each bundle of round eyelashes is almost the same, which makes it look like a folding fan. Great round eyelashes can make the eyes look bigger and more energetic.

[Flare Shape]
The front end of the flare eyelashes is short, and the end is long, which makes it look like a wing. Great flare eyelashes can visually lengthen the end of the eye, make the eyes look more charming and attractive.

The above is the rough classification of eyelashes shape. 
Our website also categorizes eyelashes in this way. You can click "Style" in the website and browse the classified catalog, it will make purchase easier.

In the followings articles, we will tell you the detailed classification of eyelash effects and how to choose the suitable beautiful eyelashes for different eye shapes.