How to choose suitable false eyelashes? - Section Two

23 November, 2020

After reading the previous article on the volume and shape of eyelashes, you have already understood the rough classification of eyelashes. So what are the detailed classifications of eyelash effects? Professional makeup artist will tell you how to choose suitable eyelashes according to eyelashes effect.


Lite lashes is light and thin, it’s suitable for daily wear and light makeup. This delicate false lashes looks very natural, as if your eyelashes are so beautiful by nature.


Wispy lashes consists of several eyelashes bunch, make the eyes look shining like flame of the sun. When blinking, wispy lashes make you look like goddesses in comics.


Different from lite lashes, bold lashes look thick. If you have large eyes or drew bold makeup, this kind of eyelashes will make your eyes more charming and sexy.


This kind of eyelashes is consist of a lot of messy hairs. It looks like do a fluffy spa for your lashes. Not very natural, but it is very suitable for stage performances, party, club, or taking pictures.

[Full body]

The length of all parts of this kind of eyelashes is almost same. Unlike some eyelashes that only lengthen at the end of the eye and only emphasize the end of the eye. Full body eyelashes will visually enlarge the entire eye, making your eyes look as beautiful as Barbie doll. 

[Natural Fluffy]

Natural Fluffy usually is small and short fluffy lashes, it's only a little fluffy, not too dramatic, make your eyes look like have a lot of natural curled lashes. If you want to have natural fluffy/casual eyelashes in daily life, we very recommend you to try this kind of lashes.