How to choose suitable false eyelashes? - Section Three

30 November, 2020
Through the previous articles, we introduced the eyelashes shape classification and different effects of eyelashes. So how do different people choose the right eyelashes? Let's talk about different eye shapes and the most suitable eyelashes.
(First of all, you can choose any eyelashes you like for any eye shape. This article only discusses the best choice for eye shape characteristics.)

[Small Eyes]
Small eyes have shorter eyes and smaller clefts, making them look delicate and exquisite. Small eyes are usually suitable for natural makeup and lite and short eyelashes. Too long and thick eyelashes may block the line of sight and make eye makeup look too drama.

[Large Eyes]
Big eyes have longer eyes and larger clefts, besides natural eye makeup, especially suitable for heavy eye makeup, which will make big eyes look more attractive. So long and thick dramatic eyelashes are more suitable for large eyes.

[Round Eyes]
Round eyes look very kind and friendly. The characteristic of round eyes is that the head and tail of the eye are basically at the same horizontal line, and the outline of the upper eyelid is a soft meniscus. It is better to choose round eyelashes when making up, because it emphasizes the middle part of the eyes, which will highlight the characteristics of round eyes.

[Almond Eyes]
Almond eyes are narrower and longer than round eyes, and are shaped like water drops or almonds. Almond eyes usually have a slight rise at the end of the eye, which can be pure or sexy. This kind of eye usually fits any shape of eyelashes. But if you want to highlight the charming effect, flare eyelashes are a better choice, because the wings-design emphasizes the beautiful raised eye tail.

[Deep Set Eyes]
People with deep eyes have high brow bones, deep sunken eye sockets, and a very three-dimensional and delicate face. But because of the defined brow bone, it can sometimes look like you have smaller eyes and make your under eye area look darker. Therefore, deep eyes are especially suitable for long, thick or fluffy eyelashes. Bold eyelashes will emphasize the three-dimensional effect of the brow bone and enlarge the eyes very well.

[Hooded Eyes]
The term hooded describes how the fold of the eyelid hides some of your lid when your eyes are open, making not all of the lid is visible. The goal with hooded eyes is to raise the end of the eye and open up eyes as much as possible. So a natural flare lashes with a upward wing is a best choose.

[Mono Lid]
Monolid means no crease on your eyelid can be seen – most common among some people. Lite, natural volume, short lashes that open up the eye. Always curl the lashes after make up is the most important thing to give more height to the eyes.