Custom eyelash packaging 8 common paper materials

7 February, 2021
For entrepreneurs in the eyelash business, it is very important to choose a good eyelash packaging at the initial stage. Good eyelash packaging can not only attract more consumers, but also improve the grade of eyelash products, and at the same time enhance the image of the brand. For a brand that is just starting out, good eyelash packaging can increase the price and give consumers a better shopping experience, thereby receiving more orders and forming a virtuous circle of brand growth. For a growing or mature brand, good eyelash packaging is the appearance of the brand, and it is a necessary factor to stabilize the brand image and enhance brand awareness. Usually a good vendor can customize any eyelash packaging details according to your needs, and make the most suitable design program according to your brand style. The eyelash packaging material is the part that can express the style most besides logo design. In this article our professional package designer will introduce the common eyelash packaging materials and their respective characteristics.

【Plain Paper】
Plain paper is the most common material. This material is suitable for any logo production craft, and can also print any pattern and color you want, so as to maximize your creativity. If you don’t want the package looks monotonous, you can choose plain paper for the outer box and other materials for the inner box to increase the layering of the eyelash packaging. This is one of the common design solution

【Metal Paper】
Metal paper is paper that imitates the texture of metal and has the shiny luster of metal. Metal paper can made to inner box and outer box.

【Laser paper】
Laser paper not only has the texture of metal, but also has the luster of the color-changing laser, it emits rainbow-like light from different angles.

【Coarse sandpaper】
Coarse sandpaper has a rough surface, because the surface is large shiny particles, so it looks very shiny, can well show the dramatic and exaggerated style. However, due to the rough surface, the logo production effect is not very perfect, and also there will be unavoidable detritus, so it is more recommended as the inner box material instead of the outer box material.

【Fine Sandpaper】
The surface of fine sandpaper is smoother than that of coarse sandpaper. Its surface is fine and shiny particles. Because it is not so shiny, its color looks slightly darker than the same color coarse sandpaper. Fine sandpaper usually doesn’t fall out of debris. And also because the surface is not so rough, it can use the bronzing craft to make the logo. So it can be selected as inner box/outer box material. 

【Snake Skin Paper】
Snake skin paper is paper that imitates the pattern and texture of snake skin. Its surface is as smooth as snakeskin, with snakeskin-like protrusions. It is not very common to use snakeskin paper as a material for eyelash packaging, so it is fashionable, unique and individual. The texture of imitation animal skin makes it look luxurious and expensive. Snakeskin paper can be used to make logos by bronzing craft, so it can be selected as the inner/outer box material.

【Leather Paper】
Leather paper is paper that imitates leather patterns. Its surface has diamond-shaped protrusions. This leather pattern is often used by luxury brands in the design of handbags, so eyelash packaging designed with this paper will look very elegant and classic. The leather paper can be used to make the logo by the bronzing craft, so it can be selected as the inner/outer box material.

【Other special pattern paper】
These kind of paper are carved with different patterns. Not every supplier can provide paper with the same pattern, so this kind of paper is relatively rare in the market and belongs to a minority of materials. It is recommended to communicate with your supplier in advance before choosing.

When you decide to customize your brand eyelash packaging, please be sure to communicate your thinkings and ideas with your vendor. Usually the vendor will send you a catalog of customize-box styles and tell you their MOQ (minimum order quantity). If you choose a box style and want to change some of its details, such as color and material, you can discuss it with your vendor. Good vendors have rich experience in customize package. They will tell you how to achieve the effect you want, the advantages and disadvantages of this choice, and whether there is a better solution.
Wish you get your favorite customize eyelash packaging!